AR/VR For Training And Simulations

As a way of training staff or teaching students/personnel, AR/VR simulations can be developed as interactive training tools. This way the gap between theory and practice is narrowed creating visually stimulating software to help trainees and students comprehend situations that would otherwise leave room for frequent errors, and retraining.

We design (both instructional and graphically), create and deploy the different types of learning Solutions, with or without AR/VR, integrating these solutions with current LMSs, or deploying a full solution when needed.

The best scenarios for this kind of training solutions are new employees onboarding process, safety training, heavy/complex machinery training, etc.

Córdoba’s “Universidad Siglo XXI” is one of our clients where these systems were applied, using management simulations.

The following video shows an AR App designed for Toyota. It allows users to see and understand the elements within the car’s dashboard and provides further information. This example can also be applied to different machinery to create a completely new App designed specifically to meet the customer’s needs.