AR/VR for Real Estate

In the real estate business homeowners depend on their ability to visualize their dream house on a sketch provided by an architect, to accept a project or not.

We have a full set of AR/VR solutions. With these solutions, potential clients are able to see options for their investment that meet their expectations. It works as a perfect tool for sales departments across the world.

AR/VR for Real Estate

Augmented Reality for brochures/plans:

This app contains the technology that brings your existing floorplans to life. Our software recognizes your drawings or floor plans when you simply hover your tablet or smartphone over the top of them. The app then renders a 3D representation of the exterior and interior of the home on the screen.

Geolocated Augmented Reality:

The app shows AR buildings and facilities, directly at the location, where still the project has started or not its development. That way, the user can see in real size, the near future properties that will be in place. This technology works great for private real estate, and for public engineering projects.

Virtual Reality for Architecture:

This technology virtually transports the user to the location or even inside the new properties. We work with different qualities, to match the end user’s needs

  • VR with still 360 pictures or videos (very useful when the property is completed)
  • VR with still or animated 360 HD 3D models (mostly used when the project is in development)
  • VR with walkable 3D scenarios (great to provide freedom to the user to virtually walk and know its future property)