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About Us

Award Winning AR and VR Application Developers

We are a company dedicated to providing effective, high impact and great quality software solutions, using the latest technologies available, like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Motion Detection, for different industries, including healthcare, industrial services, and especially marketing.

Several of our projects have received great press and experts reviews, and also local and international awards. Most of the times the recipients of these awards are our clients, but we are proud of the quality and user experience that we deliver, and feel those awards as our own too!

Gustavo Sanabria
Founder & CEO

Highly experienced AR/VR consultant, International AR/VR Speaker and Entrepreneur.

Veronica Montenegro
Project Leader

Experienced AR/VR Project Leader, with several projects deployed to clients in USA and Europe.

Gabriel Freisz
Sr Unity Developer

Unity 3D and native Android developer, skilled in AR/VR developments.

Pablo Oberauer
Sr Unity Developer

Unity 3D and native Android developer, skilled in AR/VR developments.

Brian Ross
Unity Dev

Experienced AR/VR Unity 3D developer.

Juan Pablo Alvarez Loza
UI/UX Senior Designer

Highly Experienced UI/UX designer.

Luis Maldonado
Sr 3D Designer

Highly experienced 3D designer and animator. Stop Motion Animator.

Analia Figueroa
Moblar Sales Manager

Sales manager of Moblar - Business development

Ezequiel Luna
Unity Dev

Experienced AR/VR Unity 3D developer

Leonardo Lema
Bussiness Developer Manager
Leandro Demarco Vedelago
Sr iOS developer

Experienced AR/VR iOS developer / ARKit

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