Fan Engagement

Turning Fans into Loyal Customers

Cre8ation IGS is one of the leading AR/VR Immersive App developers in the country. Clients include AT&T, Disney, FedEx, Toyota, and Kellogg, (just to name a few). We design exclusive immersive campaigns for Global Sports & Entertainment Franchises around the world. Our flagship Gamify App gives fans the immersive experiences they crave, while providing sports teams and entertainment conglomerates the ability to properly engage, monetize, and increase their ROI.

Gamify Augmented reality is more than Pokémon GO-like experiences

AR removes the limitations imposed upon your campaigns by conventional media. AR can be used for:

  • GEO placed videos for location-oriented brand messages that blend AR with the environment for immediacy and impact
  • IoT connectivity to bring up proximity information on items using beacons in brick and mortar locations, or above signs or actual property in real estate applications
  • Product placement, which lets users see your vehicle in their driveway
  • Wayfinding, which brings users directly to what they want, when they want it
  • We provide our clients with rich data analytics for each engagement that can pin point campaign success in real time

So, when striking out into this new territory, it pays big dividends to take care of the basics. By partnering with Cre8ation IGS you can track your campaign success, reward your fans, and engage them 24/7 with custom experiences they want!

Technology Stack

  • IOS/Android App
  • Vuforia Image Recognition engine
  • Reward Token using Hashgraph consensus algorithm