About Us

Award Winning AR and VR Application Developers

We are an eXtended Reality (XR) company,  with offices in Atlanta (GA), Miami (FL) and Boston (MA), covering strongly the east cost, but also serving clients all accross US and from other countries of the world.

Our main goal is to provide effective, high impact and great quality software solutions, using the latest technologies available, like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, for different industries, including Healthcare, Industrial Services, Entertainment, Retail and Marketing.

Several of our projects have received great press and experts reviews, and also local and international awards.

Our team unites great programming skills, creativity and several years of experience with the deployment of innovative technologies improving processes in different areas, putting together the WOW factor with the ROI.

The distribution agreements with different wearables/smart glasses manufacturers that we have signed, allow us to provide to our clients the latest hardware + software solutions.

Let’s walk the innovation road together!